What Are The Biology Specimens For WAEC 2024/2025

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Biology Specimens For WAEC 2024 is out – are you an SS3 student sitting for WAEC 2024 and you want to see the Biology Specimens? This page covers all you need to know about the May/June Biology Practical Specimens and all other things you need to know.

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Continue reading further to see the approved specimens for WAEC 2024 Biology Practical Examination.

WAEC Biology Practical Specimen

What Is Biology Practical Specimen?

Biology practical specimens are list of biological organisms, materials and seeds either living or non-living that has been specified to be used in the Practical Examination for the West African Examination Council Biology for any academic session.

It is from those specimens that practical questions will be asked and it’s very important for all WAEC candidates to know these specimens completely before the practical examination day.

WAEC 2024 Biology Practical Specimens

Listed below are all the provided biology practical specimens that are to be used in WAEC Biology Practical Examination for the 2024/2025 academic session:

Group 1 (All candidates)

Specimen A – Mature fresh eggs of catfish
Specimen B – Fresh egg of domestic fowl (raw, with shell intact)
Specimen C – Picture/model/chart of uterus containing a foetus
Specimen D – Longitudinal section of ovary of pride of Barbados flower
Specimen E – Leaf of pride of Barbados flower
Specimen F – Panicum plant/Guinea grass (whole plant)
Specimen G – Cocoyam plant/Caladium plant (whole plant)

Specimen H: Corm of Cocoyam
Specimen J: Dry humus in a beaker
Specimen K: Moist humus in a beaker
Specimen L: Ripe orange fruit (whole)

Specimen M: Longitudinal section of coconut fruit

Specimen N: Longitudinal section of fresh chill pepper fruit

Important Notice On WAEC Specimens

It is essential that each candidate should be provided with the following materials;

  1. glass jar cover/petri dish
  2. white tiles
  3. beaker
  4. a hand lens/magnifying lens
  5. scalpel/razor blade/ knife
  6. a pair of forceps
  7. iodine solutions.

Note: (i) All specimens can be provided as group specimens for five (5) to ten (10) candidates.

(ii) All specimens in each of the groups must carry individual labels (e.g A, B, C, D, E, F, and G in Group I)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About WAEC Biology Specimens

What is specimen B in biology?

The specimen B in WAEC 2023 Biology Practical Exam is Viable Bean Seed

What is specimen K?

Specimen K is Leg of a Domestic Fowl (Complete)

What should I read in biology for Waec?

If you really want to reach or get an outstanding grade in your WAEC biology, then you should consider reading the following topics and key points;

  • Evolution
  • Variation
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Homeostasis
  • Tissues and Supporting System
  • Ecology
  • Reproduction
  • Nutrition
  • Hormones
  • Plant and Animal Kingdoms

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