NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 2023 | Apply Now

The NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 for undergraduate students in Nigeria is currently available to apply and gain it’s benefits. This page covers all you need to know about the Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 2023/2024 like How to apply, Eligibility criteria, Requirements, and Deadline Date.

About The NITDA Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 2023

In accordance with the aim of enhancing good job opportunities, the Federal Government of Nigeria is collaborating with Coursera within the help of NITDA to provide learning Scholarship.

The main aim of this scholarship is to make Nigeria citizens acquire professional certificates from technology companies like Google, Meta, IBM and Some high ranked United States Universities.

NITDA Coursera Scholarship Categories

Category A (IT Career Pathway)

To help you launch a fruitful IT career, this category provides a total of 19 professional certification programs. Each program consists of a number of closely related courses designed to give students the in-depth information and practical skills they need to find work.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion once you’ve finished each individual course in the program.

However, you won’t receive the professional certification until you’ve finished the program’s mandatory courses.

Category B (Pathway for Complementary Skills)

To supplement your IT work abilities and improve your usage of digital productivity tools, entrepreneurship, or freelancing talents, choose from one of Category B’s four certification programs.

NITDA-Coursera Scholarship Benefits

The following are the possible benefits one will have from the NITDA Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 2023:

  1. Each student will nbne provided with Coursera license for six (6) months.
  2. Students are expected to use this time to complete many professional certifications, but they can only be enrolled in one certification at a time.

How To Apply For The NITDA Coursera Scholarship 2023

To apply for the NITDA-Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2, aspiring candidates need to follow a simple process.

Step 1: Going to the Portal

click on the provided link: It will redirect you to the official application portal, to access the form and guides.

Step 2: Filling Your Biodata

Upon reaching the portal, you will be required to provide accurate and up-to-date personal information. Make sure the details you provide is accurate to avoid any issues during the selection process.

Step 3: Documentation

You should be prepared to submit any document relevant to your educational background or prior experience in the digital field.

Scholarship Deadline Date

The deadline date set for the closure of the NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2 2023 is June 14, 2023. All interested Scholars are advised to visit the portal and apply soon.

Summary of The Scholarship








Full Sponsor


14th of June, 2023


For additional information about the NITDA/Coursera Scholarship Cohort 2, kindly visit the website through this Link:  (

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