JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2024/2025 (JAMB Biology Topics)

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The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially released the JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2024/2025 which is available here in this Portal for all the candidates who wish to enroll in the upcoming JAMB UTME Examination.

The JAMB Syllabus is a Document that contains the Topics which all Candidates that are science students must study for the JAMB 2024/2025 Examination.

JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2024/2025

What Is The JAMB Syllabus For Biology And Why Do You Need It?

The JAMB Syllabus For Biology is more like a guide or area of concentration which you should focus on when you’re reading in preparation against JAMB 2024.

It is a must for you to use this syllabus because it’s the only secret that can guarantee you a high score in JAMB Biology.

Moreover, the Biology Syllabus contains topics and their objectives and those objectives are what you need to foster your high JAMB score.

JAMB Syllabus For Biology 2024

Below are the list of the Biology Syllabus For 2024 with topics and their objectives altogether.



  • Factors Affecting the Distribution of Organisms
  • Local (Nigerian) Biomes
  • Natural Habitats
  • Soil
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Diseases
  • Game Reserves and Natural Parks
  • Population and Its Control
  • Energy Flow in The Ecosystem
  • Nutrient Cycling in Nature
  • Symbiotic Interactions of Plants
  • Adaptation for Survival
  • Ecological Succession
  • Factors Affecting Population Sizes
  • Population Density and Overcrowding
  • Evidence of Evolution
  • Theories of Evolution


  • Growth
  • Internal Structure of a Flowering Plant
  • Internal Structure of a Mammal
  • Homeostatsis
  • Hormonal Control
  • Nervous Co-Ordination
  • The Sense Organs
  • Excretory Mechanisms
  • Excretory Products of Plants
  • Types of Excretory Structures
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Modes of Nutrition
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Types of Nutrition
  • Asexual Reproduction
  • Reproduction in Mammals
  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  • Aerobic Respiration
  • Anaerobic Respiration
  • Respiration
  • Respiratory Organs and Surfaces
  • The Mechanism of Gaseous Exchange
  • Support and Movement
  • Supporting Tissues in Animals
  • Tropic, Tactic, Nastic and Sleep Movements in Plants
  • Types and Functions of the Skeleton
  • Channels for Transportation
  • Materials for Transportation
  • Media and Processes of Mechanism for Transportation
  • Need for Transportation


  • Heredity
  • Application of Discontinuous Variation in Crime Detection, Blood Transfusion and Determination of Paternity.
  • Morphological Variations in The Physical Appearance of Individuals
  • Physiological Variation


  • Adaptive Coloration and Its Functions
  • Behavioural Adaptations in Social Animals
  • Evolution Among the Following
  • Living Organisms
  • Structural Adaptations in Organisms
  • Structural/Functional and Behavioral Adaptations of Organisms

Below is a list containing all the textbooks recommended for JAMB 2024 Biology:

  1. Ndu, F.O. C. Ndu, Abun A. and Aina J.O. (2001) Senior Secondary School Biology: Books 1 -3, Lagos: Longman.
  2. Odunfa, S.A. (2001) Essential of Biology, Ibadan: Heinemann.
  3. Ogunniyi M.B. Adebisi A.A. and Okojie J.A. (2000) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools: Books 1 – 3, Macmillan.
  4. Ramalingam, S.T. (2005) Modern Biology, SS Science Series. New Edition, AFP
  5. Stan. (2004) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools. Revised Edition, Ibadan: Heinemann
  6. Stone R.H. and Cozens, A.B.C. (1982) Biology for West African Schools. Longman
  7. Usua, E.J. (1997) Handbook of practical Biology 2nd Edition, University Press, Limited

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I hope you’ve seen all the Topics in Biology for JAMB 2024/2025, Kindly use the comments section below to ask me any question you have about JAMB Syllabus For any subject.

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