How To Score 370 and Above In JAMB 2024 UTME Exam

Are you so keen on getting Admission into the university to study bug courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Law and Dentistry etc that you want to score 370 and above in JAMB? This article is here to give you a complete guide on how to score 370 and above in JAMB 2024.

Many Nigerian Federal Universities and State Universities are very mean in time of the score they set up for some particular courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Law, Nursing Science, Dentistry etc. To study the above courses, you will need a huge JAMB score.

What Is JAMB?

Allow me to introduce to you the literal meaning of JAMB by telling you the full meaning because JAMB is an acronym which means JOINT ADMISSION AND MATRICULATION BOARD.

JAMB is an official governmental organisation that has been set for conducting Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for all students who wish to further their academic career.

What is JAMB Score?

JAMB score is the score a candidate for after sitting for the JAMB UTME Examination which will qualify him or her for the Admission process into his or her school of choice or choice of institution.

What Is A Good JAMB Score?

A good JAMB Score is a score that ranges from 280 and above which is deemed fit to get Admission into any highly rated course in Nigerian universities.

What Is A Low JAMB Score?

A low JAMB score is a score that ranges from 0 to 179 which will never qualify a Candidate to get Admission into any course in Nigeria Federal Universities.

Why Do You Need A Good JAMB Score?

You need a good JAMB Score because that’s the only way you can be in the safer side of getting the exact courses you applied for. If your JAMB score is low, you might end up in Polytechnics or College of Education.

How To Score 370 and Above In JAMB 2024

If your aim is to study high courses which demands high mark of about 300 and above in JAMB, below are ways on how to study for JAMB and Score 370 and above.

How To Score 300 or 370 and Above In JAMB

  • Set a time table for your reading.
  • Make sure you’re studying consistently by following your time table.
  • Always Make research online about the hard exercises in areas like Quora, Wikipedia and Google.
  • Pray hard and be close to your God.
  • Respect your mother and your father : their prayer is the best for you.
  • Read in the night and calculate during the day.
  • Join Educational blogs or social media groups where they only do Questions and Answers in all your subjects.
  • Make proper use of your time.

I hope I have been able to tell you how you can study and score 370 and above in JAMB 2023 exam, make sure you ask us any question you have about JAMB in the comment section below.

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